We’re stepping up our game

At Unique Imaging Concepts, we’re stepping up our game. This October, we added technology that will allow us to expand our services, grow in production capabilities, and serve our clients on a higher level.

We’re proud to announce that we added the SEFA Transfer Technologies’ SUBLIMAX 2513, which is a large format sublimation heat press that transfers highly detailed images onto rigid ChromaLuxe substrates. ChromaLuxe offers supreme color vibrancy and detail resolution that won’t fade in indirect sunlight. The vibrant image reproduction with remarkable detail and resolution creates a 3D depth of image. Substrates are available in gloss, matte, or semi-gloss. To learn more about ChromaLuxe, click here.

The SEFA Sublimax 2513 is designed to accommodate large, up to 48″ x 96″, substrates. The machine’s pressure is applied by 6 air/pneumatic cylinders, which allows for even pressure to be applied fully across the substrates surface. Another important feature is the multiple heating elements that are controlled by the multizone temperature control application. This feature allows for even temperature distribution that can be controlled by the operator. The press is the first one in production on American soil. The SEFA Sublimax 2513 is manufactured in France, and Unique Imaging Concepts will be the first sublimation printing company in the United States to offer this state of the art technology to its customers.

Along with our new press comes a new printer. We’re adding the Roland XR640 which is a 64 in sublimation printer. This will be our 6th printer and will allow us to continue to increase production. With the addition of the SEFA Sublimax 2513, and our new Roland XR640 printer, we will have hands on technology that no one else has yet, and so we will become specialists in this area. We strive to be the authority in sublimation printing, and we are willing to do whatever it takes to get us there.

Due to our rapid growth, we’re adding 3,100 sq ft of gallery and office space. This will allow us to separate our office area from the production space, and will also help us serve more clients and increase production. We want to be able to increase the quality and quantity of our work while offering a gallery space to our customers, not only so that they can view our product offerings but can display their own work as well. Our expansion and technology will allow us to do just that! The extra 3,100 sq ft will bring our office and production size to a grand total of 10,000 sq ft.

This expansion also give us the opportunity to hire for 2 positions: the first is for a Customer Rep and Color Technician, and the second is a Production Manufacturing Position. For more information about our job openings, fill out our contact form and we’ll get the conversation started.

Be on the look out for our upcoming press release with information about our Grand Opening for our expanded production space. The Grand Opening date has not been set yet, but it will be this fall after we receive our new Sublimax 2513. If you’re ready to talk numbers, click here to get a custom quote for your next project.

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