Our New Website is Live!

Sublimation printing Louisville, ChromaLux

We are excited to announce that we have launched a new website! With more than 50 years of color experience, Unique Imaging Concepts is an expert in sublimating into a variety of materials. We wanted our website to reflect our passions and pride, and we think we pulled it off pretty well!

Easy Navigation

Considering we went from one page to eight, we knew that easy navigation was vital. There is a menu nav under a big, bold graphic so you can find what you need. This means the About Us, Our Process, Products, Gallery, Testimonials, Blog, and Contact are all easy to see and use. There are not tons of subfolders where you get lost on the site. Instead, it’s pretty straightforward; which is our business style.

Colorful Examples

Our passion is bringing your images to life, so why not embody that on our website? You see big, bold graphics of our works and processes throughout the site. You can investigate why we use ChromaLuxe, while reading more about some of our other products. Meet our team and satisfied customers. Enjoy our colorful blog and gallery. We want to bring you into our bright and beautiful world of imaging.


The video on our home page is interactive. You can see and hear what our shop and products look like while learning about our story, all in a short clip. We are proud of our history and services; so, check out the video to see why people come to us for their imaging needs.


For the first time, we are displaying our work on our website. In all of its vivid glory, multiple styles and types are showcased in the Gallery.

Contact Us

For ease of access, we have a form to fill out to contact us. If you have a question or want a custom design, then you can easily contact us. However, if you need to contact us immediately, then the owners’ emails are here as well.

Check out our new website and give it a spin. Take a step into our world and be inspired by possibilities at Unique Imaging.

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