Fine Art in Healthcare

Art is an integral part of Healthcare Design

Botanical prints, installed at Norton Audubon Hospital

Research has proven that incorporating art into the design of hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities has far-reaching benefits. As older facilities are renovated and new ones are constructed, art plays an increasingly central role in the overall design of healthcare environments. Colorful scenes of nature can bring joy and comfort to patients, loved ones, and employees alike. Art can also serve as valuable waypoints that can help visitors navigate large facilities. While the concept may seem simple, well-planned art in healthcare facilities can significantly improve patient care and recovery, employee performance, and even economic outcomes:

Studies, such as The Society for Arts in Healthcare Field Report, have proven that integrating the arts into healthcare settings helps to cultivate a healing environment, support the physical, mental and emotional recovery of patients, communicate health and recovery information and foster a positive environment for caregivers that reduces stress and improves workplace satisfaction and employee retention., “The Healing Power of Art”

Multi-panel mural, installed at Norton Healthcare Pavilion

At Unique Imaging Concepts, we understand the specific needs of commercial and interior designers working in healthcare environments. We produce a wide range of prints for many healthcare providers looking to integrate fine art into their facilities. It has been our pleasure to work with Norton Healthcare since 2013, printing and installing artwork in their numerous facilities throughout the greater Louisville area. One of the first projects we printed for Norton was a series of photographs by Donald Vish, featuring images captured in 37 parks throughout the Greater Louisville Area. Don’s photos offer an intimate view into the beautiful parks our city has to offer, bringing both comfort and a sense of community to the thousands of people visiting Norton facilities every year.

“It’s like looking through a window”

Multi-panel mural. Photograph by Donald Vish

Over the years we have taken on many challenging projects, including the large multi-panel mural in the lobby of Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The 18-panel mural stretches over 20 feet wide and features one of Don Vish’s iconic photographs of Beargrass Creek.

Multi-panel mural, installed at Norton Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

We worked closely with Norton’s design team throughout the recent expansion and renovation of Norton Audubon Hospital. The imagery chosen for these prints is right in line with current trends for art in healthcare: Bright and colorful scenes of nature and botanical photography, featuring soothing colors like blues, yellows, and greens.

Botanical print, installed at Norton Audubon Hospital

In addition to the stunning vibrancy and clarity offered by our sublimation process, our fine art prints offer additional benefits specific to the demands of healthcare environments. Chromaluxe sublimation prints are incredibly long-lasting and durable. Because the image is permanently embedded within the surface, there is no need to cover the art with additional glass. The print itself can be sanitized and wiped clean for easy maintenance. We offer a variety of substrates and mounting options to suit every application. We can also provide security hardware to keep the art safely in place after installation.

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