Client Spotlight: Art Feeds Murals

Founded in 2009 by Meg Bourne, Art Feeds is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic art and creative education programs to children. They work with schools and community centers using art to encourage, inspire, and empower kids from all walks of life. In the decade since their founding, Art Feeds has reached over 50,000 children in over 100 communities with their art programs! This year, we worked with Art Feeds to print several large format murals designed by talented students.

Students stand in front of a finished mural they helped design

Art Feeds believes all children are curious, imaginative, innovative, creative and our greatest resource.
students find their original artwork incorporated into the finished mural

Art Feeds Murals

One of the many programs that Art Feeds offers is their community mural program. Art Feeds guides a group of young students through the process of imagining and designing a community art piece. First, instructors work with the kids to come up with the theme, design, and original artwork for these large-scale murals. Once the students have planned their mural and created their original artwork, Art Feeds works with a graphic designer to turn the students’ work into professional quality designs. Finally, we work with Art Feeds to print the murals and get them ready for installation in schools and community centers, where the young artists can see their artwork inspire others for many years to come.

We specialize in pre-school to elementary aged children with lessons meant to fuel expression, creativity, inspiration and problem solving in education. We use all forms of art – dancing, painting, drawing, sculpting, music, storytelling and more. Each lesson is designed for […] mental and emotional wellness and to grow creativity and innovation. Our motivation is the success of children in education and overall personal development. Our curriculum is proven to reduce fear, stress and anxiety, and increase creative problem-solving skills […] Also – it’s just fun!

The Mural Printing Process

Printing large format murals is challenging, but it’s one of our specialties! We print these murals on Chromaluxe Masonite and Aluminum sublimation panels, choosing the best substrate for each unique project. Dye Sublimation is the perfect printing process for these murals. The final prints are vibrant, durable, and easy to install.

Printing large, seamless murals on aluminum presents unique challenges. The aluminum panels expand and contract under the heat of the sublimation process. This can make it difficult to get the finished panels to align precisely. In order to achieve a great final product, we carefully account for expansion and contraction throughout the printing process. When it comes to creating a finished mural that inspires and looks great, it’s all about our attention to detail!

art feeds mural

We are proud to work with Art Feeds to help them inspire and uplift communities all across America. For more information about Art Feeds, the programs they offer, and how you can get involved, check out their website:

Detail of custom printed mural on ChromaLuxe Aluminum